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MTC strives to further expand both their production and trade divisions.

In the manufacturing field our Polish printing plant is a market leader in several countries for printed pharmaceutical aluminium foil.

The close collaboration, intensive consultation as well as the supply to our customers requires an expansion of our production program and in consequence the enlargement of our plant in Poland.

The annual MTC Pharma Symposium is part of our extensive customer relation program and serves as an information platform.

In addition to the pharmaceutical and food industries we now also supply the cosmetic industry.

We strive to expand geographically with new international production sites.

In the trade division packaging material and food additives we will continue our cooperation with world-wide market leaders’ and excellent producers and represent these in our countries.

Due to our excellent knowledge of the market we consistently meet new partners, whose products are interesting for our markets as well as to us as a trader.

Our aim is to recognize the newest developments through market observations and respond with corresponding products, and at the same time to successfully place on the market the new products of our partners.

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