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The MTC-Group was established in 1986 by the Krivda family, with an office initially in Vienna.

During the first years the emphasis constituted upon the dealings with packaging material. From 1992 the area of business evolved to food additives. This ran parallel to the creation of the office in Slovenia and was directed from there. Further offices were established in Serbia and Romania in the nineties.

The first steps to a production plant were composed in 1995 and a further outcome through the building of the printing plant for pharmaceutical foil in Pruszków/Poland formed a central pillar of the company strategy.

In 2008 through a further investment of the company in Pruszków, it was massively expanded and its product portfolio was extended.

Nevertheless we see ourselves overall as a highly specialized "Niche provider", whereby it's made possible that our products support the success of our customers.

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